This is the Hubs #1 Way to Getting a Cruise at a Bargain Price

There’s a Cruise for Everyone at a Great Price… You Just Have to Know Where To Look

There are Cruises for every person and every lifestyle.  From family vacations, single’s getaways, honeymoon cruises, to cruises that are akin to theme parks -- think Disney World at sea.

Want to feel like a Viking?  How about a Norwegian Cruise through Norway and Scandinavia?  Or how about a cruise discovering beautiful Oceana?

And a lot of these cruises can be had for less than your weekly paycheck.  

And we’re here to tell you…

These Bargain Cruises are the Best Way to Travel

Rock-bottom prices, varied itineraries and many relaxing days at sea are all unique characteristics of bargain cruise ship deals.

And some of these great cruises don’t even have to take place on the Ocean.  

You can take a breathtaking river cruise through the heart of Europe, Asia and America – a river cruise through just about any continent -- with Avalon Waterways.

But You Must Know Where to Look… And the Place to Look?

Search for unsold empty cabins for getting heavy discounts.

Generally last-minute cruise bargains offer heavy discount because the cruise lines are trying to fill empty cabins at the departure time.  You see, even if a cruise ship is half-full, it will still depart.  And if they’re going anyway – it’s better to fill all those empty cabins at a huge discount than to not fill them at all!

Sometimes cruise lines offer discounts of 50 - 75% or more for these last-minute reservations.

Those people who can manage all the arrangements on a short notice can enjoy an insanely luxurious cruise at a bargain price.

Still Looking for a Bargain Basement Price on a Fantastic Long Distance Voyage?  Try This Hack…

Repositioning cruises are also great option for bargain cruises.

Rock-bottom prices, varied itineraries and a large number of relaxing days at sea are all unique characteristics of a Repositioning cruise. Usually offered in the fall and spring months, this interesting cruise option allows you to journey to uncommon and even exotic ports of call as a cruise ship relocates to a new region.

It will offer more time to enjoy ship’s facilities. You can also visit some odd ports where the cruise traffic is less. These cruises are also known as ‘repo cruises’.

Keep in mind that the overall cost of repo cruises may seem like they’re more expensive… but that’s only because repo cruises generally last three or more weeks. When you truly review the actual cost per day or week – it turns out to be a real bargain!

Your Choice

So, is the best option to choose the cruise that is going to leave within next two weeks or one that is repositioning to an exotic local?  The choice is yours!

Why Journaling on Vacation is a Life Changer

You can take plenty of photographs on your vacation, even a video off your phone these days is easy, but those things won’t help you record the little incidents that give meaning to your vacation.

A journal of your vacation is the place to keep notes of the small things that give color to your trip. It is also the place to keep the details of the big things that make a vacation memorable.

Keeping a Travel Journal is Easy

If you don’t usually keep a journal, that’s okay. There is just one rule in journaling: it’s your journal and nothing else matters. It isn’t necessary to go into great detail if you don’t want to. You shouldn’t worry about your spelling or grammar. The important thing is to record those things that will trigger the memories of the vacation.

Trigger Memories

It is your journal and that allows you to keep your thoughts on all of the things that are important just to you.

For example, what did you feel like when you found out that the gentleman who gave you directions in Washington, DC was the Ambassador from France.

The photograph of the outdoor food court in Singapore was nice, but what did the place smell like; what kind of food did you try and what was it like; and how did the locals react to seeing an American tourist away from the usual tourist places.

That is the kind of experience that everyone has at one time or another, but only those people who keep a travel journal will be able to savor the memory long after the trip is over.

Keeping a Journal is a Great Experience

The longer you keep the journal the more you will find yourself mentally noting the small things that should be recorded. A young girl’s eyes when she first sees the Grand Canyon can only be properly described by a parent who keeps a journal. The teen age boy, who considers himself too cool to be seen with his parents even on vacation, can’t stop talking to you about his first ride on the Powell Street cable car in San Francisco.

There is no way to keep that memory except in your travel journal.

The Best Journal Is…

Having the proper tools is important, of course. The journal can be just a few scraps of paper, but those are likely to get lost. A book of blank pages designed specifically as a journal is the best way to go.

You should look for the kind of book that you feel comfortable carrying and using. And you should look for a journal that can be used for many trips and will last for many years. After all, this is likely to be the book that you go back to regain the warmth of that trip that meant so much to you.

When the children are grown, and the grand parents have passed away, it will be your journal, there to remind you of the good times and the places you visited.

Lasting Pictures AND Now Words

Now that you have a journal be sure to have it with you at all times. Perhaps place the journal with your camera so that, just like the photographs you should be taking, you will have your journal handy to record the memories in a different way.

A vacation is a set of shared experiences between friends and family members. You may find that the memories of those experiences are quite different when you see them and now, read them back years later

9 Great Travelling Hacks to Make Your Journey Fun

Travelling is fun and exciting but let’s be honest… it can also be incredibly stressful!  And usually the most stressful part of the trip? 

The Airport. 

It’s not unusual to find yourself stuck with long lines, rude airport security officials, and even delayed flights.

But with these top travelling hacks – you’ll find your journey to be a fun and exciting experience.

We put together the top 9 tips, tricks and hacks so you don't have to!

So, pack your bags and let the journey begin!

Pick the Checkpoint Farthest to the Left

If you hate waiting in line or you're in a rush to make your flight, research shows that most people are right-handed and tend to turn right first, so do the opposite and go left. It sounds crazy, but trust us, left is usually least.

Bring Extra Ziploc Bags

Since customs requires you to separate your liquids into clear plastic bags, it is always a good idea to bring spare Ziploc bags in case you lose one or if you're buying tiny travel liquids last minute. However, Ziploc bags can also be used to organize items your in-flight bag, such as…

Wrap Cords, Headsets and Tablets into a Ziploc Bag

When you finally arrive at your seat the last thing you want to do is to start going through your travel case or backpack looking for the items you will want during your flight.  By the time you find them, the overhead compartment may be full.  This handy hack helps you pull out what you need and get into your seat quickly.

Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Like snacks, water usually costs a lot more at airports. The best way to save a few extra bucks is to bring an empty water bottle or canteen and fill it up once you get past security checkpoints.  Airports now have fountains that are designed to fill empty water bottles.

Pack Your Own Snacks

And it goes without saying, pack your own travel snacks like nuts, cereal bars, candy, and other goods things to munch on while on your flight. Buying snacks and drinks at airports is always way overpriced than what you would normally pay.

Personalize Your Luggage or Bag Handle

Which black bag is yours?  You can make your suitcase easily identifiable by tying brightly colored fabric or ribbon to the handles. This way you'll be able to spot it amid all the other black suitcases.  It will also deter a would be thief or an ‘innocent’ mistake from happening.

Always Bring a Light Jacket, Sweater or Blanket

Headed off to a tropical location?  It is still good advice to carry a light jacket.  Always expect an airport or plane to be cold. Bringing a light blanket or extra sweater, hoodie, or scarf to keep yourself warm before and during the flight is a great idea. Even if you don't wear it, you can use it as a pillow if you want to nap on your flight.

Bring Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

Planes are one of the easiest places to catch germs and a cold. Pack wet wipes or a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use during the flight or while you're at the airport. They'll keep your hands clean and refresh your face after a flight.

Carry a Portable Battery Charger

To be on the safe side, carry around a small portable charger that you can pull out anytime.  If you use your phone to listen to music, the last thing you want to have happen is arriving to a destination with a dead phone.  Especially during a long flight.